Who is Mama Rose?

You like Braids Box, so do I! But having to choose between 33 plain colors from black to red is a bit frustrating, isn't it?

Mama Rose was born from a desire to let every Braids Lovers express their unique styles with ombre and tie&dye of original colors for each mood, character and envy... My ambition is to provide you regularly with new ombres, according to your feedbacks and favorites looks.

Say OUT to bad quality hair extensions, and HELLO to premium hair with a huge variety of beautiful hues and join the Braids Lovers community!


My mother's name is Rose. She taught me to never settle for just what I have, so when I could not add ombre colors in my daughters braids the way I wanted to, Mama Rose was born!

With a background in Communication, I make the crazy bet to create a brand where each girl can express herself & where her ideas and needs come to life...


So be yourself and never forget that our differences is what make us special!

Lili Mendy


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