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Blonder than you could ever imagine or dare! Kelly did it! Going from light chestnut at the root to blond on the ends, Kelly will energize your look and wardrobe! Not surprising when you feel inspired by Kelly. Frank and authentic, Kelly is authentic and speaks her truth. Sometimes excentric, she loves life and all the pleasures it has to offer.

Inspired by Kelly?

Like all Mama Rose Beauty braids, Kelly is soft, easy to braid, tangle & shed-free.

Kelly by Mama Rose Beauty is the braiding hair extensions you need to rock the latest braiding looks, from box braids, cornrows, senegalese twists and more. Try Kelly now!

  • We recommand using 6 packs for a medium thick adult head (minimum). For more thickness, you can use 8 packs.

MamaRoseBeauty Tips

How to maintain hair with Mama Rose Beauty Extensions?

To prevent itching

Remove the excess alcaline solution used to protect the hair extensions from heat. If you are sensitive, this solution (that is found in any extensions brand on the market), might provoke itching.

Simple steps

In a large container put warm water and a large glass of apple cider vinegar,

let soak 20 minutes, you will see a white film float on the surface of the water.

Rinse 2 or 3 times, and allow to air dry....


Scalp care

Put in a spray 90% mineral water + vegetable oil (castor, argan, coconut, avocado, baobab .... the one you prefer, but you can alternate) and spray every 2 days on the leather hairy with a good massage, especially at the temples, your scalp will thank you ... 



With braids, Braids box, the hair does not get dirty too much, since it is covered with extensions, so you can wash your hair every 10 or 15 days max, by using a mild shampoo or even dry shampoo occasionally. 

More info

  • Extensions for braids, High temperature synthetic fibers.
  • Does not curl up in hot water
  • Ombre = tie&dye
  • Length : 24"

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